Sunday, December 26, 2010

December 14, 2010

well i really really enjoyed your letters, thank you they were very informative! im just still missin a few people, but i can have patience...... mom excelent job like always with the christmas tree i really miss fresh christmas trees, the people that put up trees here are all fake, even thhough theres like a million trees here in honduras, but i guess the people arent really worried about spending the little money they have on a christmas tree. those pictures i sent the one of me with the white boys, there from my group i really love those guys and me and elder wouden got the same suits made, we got them made together!!!!! About calling for christmas ill call you guys the 23rd because we have changes the 22nd and i dont know if i will still be in my area or not but i will give you my number so you guys can call me one way or the other. As for talking to elder garvis, that guy is awesome there from preston idaho, the Gparents old stomping grounds there going home this coming May i think they're really cool the whole mission loves them. But yeah i talked to him about my feet cause i have been haveing some problems with them and he said i just need new shoes, so i dont know what would be easier for you guys, he said he could take me to payless to find some shoes but maybe you could talk to him some more and see what would be better. well i dont still have my christmas tree it was taking up to much room in my bags i had to leave it behind in one of my old areas sorry. but its okay.
Well as for the work it still has been going kinda slow we did have a better week then last week, we found a lot more new investigators this week, and we had more investigators at church. but it still is going kinda slow. i don't know why, we're working hard, i feel good, some times i get down because our investigators arent progressing but other than that im happy. President is really working to get us motivated for this last month of the year, last year at this time we lost like 8 missionarys cause they were out doing things they werent supposed to do, so we're really focusing on just staying at the work we have to do so we dont fall into temptation. but i really like what you said dad about being as close to my heavenly father as i can be this time of year because its the last time i have this chance. i am really going to try to do that. i really love this time of year, here in the mission i have come to understand the true meaning of this time of year and what better chance i have now to help the people understand this same thing. i really am excited to be giving the best gift i can give to the children of our heavenly father!!
alright so today we had the new missionary capacitation meeting, it was really good President flores really taught us some good stuff that we can do to have more success in our areas, i really am glad to be a trainer its something i really wanted to have the chance to do here in the mission and my comp is awesome, he is going to be a much better missionary then me he really has an awesome spirit and a desire to work hard. we also went to the temple again today presidente tryed to get us in close but they really got things run tight there. but we did get a little closer then last time so that was cool. so i have almost finished the book of mormon again and with this time that will be three times i have read the book of mormon in one year!! thats more then i have in my entire life before the mission, and i really have learned a lot, that book is amazing!!
........ well im trying to think of what else has happend but its really just the same stuff that happens every day and every week and every month for me, not that im bored of it, cause i love it but i dont know what more you guys want to know. ask me. oooo dad can you send me a picture of what the jazz jerseys look like, i have heard they have gone back to the old school style. well thats all i have for this week i guess let me know about what you think with the shoes mom. i love you and thank our heavenly father for the family i have thats so awesome i love showing the pictures you guys have sent me to the people i meet. i need more pictures!! well thanks for everything! TE AMO MUCHO!!!!
Love your son
Elder Paulson

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