Sunday, July 31, 2011

YUM.....mystery meat!!

June 27, 2011

Marraige papers for 2 familys.... 1,500.00 lempiras, Bus ride to distant pueblo to retrieve marraige papers 800.00 lempiras, Cost of gas to other distant pueblo to perform marriage 300.00 lempiras, Seeing 2 families enter the waters of baptism.... Priceless. WOW this has been a crazy crazy week!!!! i mean i have never had so many things to do all at one time, i had like 16,543,345 things to do and only 24 hours a day to finish them all...... ya its been crazy... but like my good old man kenny said you got to look at the miracles, and that is what im doing. i have seen 2 families make sacred covenants with our Heavenly Father and i am happy. it truly was a day of rejoicing, in all we had 6 baptisms this saturday and all were confirmed sunday morning in church( sorry i was not able to get a photo). One of them Carlos Espinal recently had his big toe amputated, but insipite of that he offered us his time so he could go and do visits with us, i thought how awsome is that.
well that has been about my week getting those two families married and baptized and i want to thank you, my wonderful parents, for your help and support, i just couldnt get the ward together to start rasing money. but with your help we got it done. i love you guys so much and thanks for all the support you have given me during my time in the mission.
okay well i guess like i didnt sound like i was happy enough for amelia and kel, (which i truly am) i get to be that crazy awsome uncle. i have so many plans for my future nephew or niece. so dont get me wrong i am stoked and i cant wait... by the way do you know what its going to be.... and have you started to put thought into names or any of that good stuff????? i hope so.... i would like to put in my thought.... if its a boy his name should be Axel (and no thats not a spelling error) and if its a girl Abigail.
well i cant believe that kenny's home.... thats so crazy i didnt even think he was close to getting home, i hope some one gave him a big bear hug on my part and that hes savin a sit for me at the settlers table. and mom a song that i would like is "Onward chrisitan soldiers" or " The day dawn is breaking".
well i am horrible out of time but thank you all that wrote me this week, Mom, Dad,......... well thats about it, and a little note from Kaelen.
well i love you all
Elder Paulson

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