Sunday, July 31, 2011

July 4th, 2011

How goes it? thank you all for your emails that i have recived (those who sent one). life in Honduras is really a joy. there are always new things happening.... i just dont know what they are!.... hahahaah because i dont read the news paper or watch the news or any of that good stuff im just here in my little happy missionary bubble..... ahahaha the mission is awesome. but i hope life has been well for you all and that the lord continues to bless you all, its crazy to think that we have made it to the final 2 months, as much as i am going to love seeing you all again and how much fun its goin to be with you all again, its going to be very hard saying good bye to the mission. i have learned so much and there is still so much to have be learned, these have been the best 2 years of my life so far!!!! i cant thank my father in heaven for what he has done for me in my time here in the mission.
well i guess you guys would like to know what happend this last week... well we had another baptism!!! it was so sweet!!!! the person who got baptized is named Richard he is the dad of the family that got baptized at the beginning of the month so that makes one more whole family on their way down the road to enternl life! their are such a cool family, when i first knew them i made a personal goal to get them baptized, and im glad i was here to see it done.
well i dont know what else to say.... miller how goes the whole being pregnet thing??? i hope your lovin it, your gonna be an awesome mom and same with kel and how about the farmers market how goes that. and the rest of you. hey dad i really like the jersey you sent we're gonna look sick on the field in those and you mentioned that we might be getting other ones.... well if we do we should get yellow ones with navy blue and navy blue shorts
well i love you all and thanks for your love
con mucho amor...
Elder Paulson

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