Sunday, July 31, 2011

July 24, 2011

well another week down, i dont know about you guys but i feel that the time is going by super fast!!!! and as much as i cant wait to see you guys i would like it to slow down a little bit. but i guess i cant change that, it will go how it goes and i just got to make the best of the time.
well this week we had a little hick-up in the work but we dont let those kind of things stop us, we didnt have a baptism last week but we do have some for this week 2, a family and of course they have to get married. but thats okay thats part of the work. no i did not have transfers im still here in the same old area, but thats okay i like it and we have a lot of people we are working with here that i like so im okay with that. theres a lady here that can get a lot of stuff for me like souvenirs so im okay with that, actually there just a few more things that i would like to get before i leave. now im not saying i have to have them but if theres still some money of mine laying around somewhere that would be nice. im just asking.
well i dont know about the flight plans i thought you would know by now too but im sure you could call the office and talk to them. but im sure ill be home the 1st of september. thanks for getting my room all fixed up mom i really appriciate it. happy 24th on the 25th, but i cant believe you are not going to the parade, ill have to come home and fix ya guys up!!! send me some pics of the bathroom.
the pictures i have include are of the new baby of my converts that is 4 days old and then of the scorpion that we found.... ahahaha .
well i have to go im out of time and i dont know what else to talk about hahahaha but i love you all i cant wait to see you all.
with a bunch of love elder paulson

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