Sunday, July 31, 2011

July 11, 2011

hello my dear family
well sounds like things are going normal for you all.... at least thats what i think seeing how i didnt hear from very many of you...(really just mom). but thats okay i guess no news is good news.... at least thats what they say. this has been just another good week in the work of the lord and the life of a missionary. that time is coming to an end very fast but there is still some time and with that i plan on doin some serious work! also i just can wait to see what austin and mathew have planned for my homecoming...... kind of scares me, not going to lie. and the homecomeing food you talked about sounds awesome... theres also some things from here that i would like to make also if thats okay like this drink made from corn called pozol, and some other things, i hope thats okay. so have you started painting yet i dont know how i could get those colors to you but the colors i want that were on that paper you sent me were that last blue one and there was like this crimson red on the other one those 2 colors.
well today was a really diffrent day we had an activity with President Flores and his family, he took our whole zone bowling and then we had lunch at his house, this was the first time he has done anything like that for a whole zone, he did it because of the success we have been having in the zone this last few months. so that was really cool.
well we have 1 family with a bapismal date right now Wilmer and Patty, they have been a crazy case because well of course they werent married like all of Honduras... but any ways Patty's papers for marriage were all messed up and so many things were wrong and they have been waiting for like 2 months to get this all fixed and it has been a long wait, they have been very good about it and patient, and now finally they have got them all fixed and are ready to get married and baptized. so i am very excited for them and hope that they are too, they seem like it. Well that is all I have.

Love you, Elder Paulson
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