Sunday, July 31, 2011

July 18, 2011

hahahahaha. okay well i guess your all doing good thanks all you that wrote me!!!! =) im really grateful for you all thanks for being awesome!
well the work is going well, we still have the family with a baptismal date and we found 3 new families this week to teach. in 2 weeks the family andrade should be married and baptized if all goes well with there marriage and then we have another family with a date for the 6th of august the family barrahona, they are all really awesome families that have just had leeps of progress.
well sounds like you are getting things ready for the great homecoming... hahaha!!! this week i have officially started my last change in the mission, this all seems so weird to me that the time has come and gone so fast it still hasnt really registerd yet, it catches me off guard some times, and i think "ill be home in 6 weeks", its kind of really sad but also happy. one day this will just be a dream that happened long ago. but i have learned so much here and i am so grateful for it. Today i learned that, " if you want to be happy in eternity, our life time is to make it happen, if you want to be happy in life, your mission is the time to make it happen." and i truly believe that, the mission has been a starting point in my life.
well since you asked mom about the airport, yes family, you know who would be good to invite and then of friends austin, mathew, chance, shir, andrew,branagan, kenny, jared. you know the bunch and yes Emi, but im telling her in my letter im sending this week. the room sounds good, you should send me a pic next week of the room and the bathroom, i like the beach idea but it cant be like the dinky beach theme stuff, you got to make it like cool beach stuff and colors. but thanks for doing that. its going to be awesome.
dad im exctied to get started right away, im doing a lot of jump rope in the morning. but there's not much i can do.
well love you guys thanks for every thing. te amo mucho
elder paulson

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