Friday, November 27, 2009


Dear Familia, November 23, 2009
Okay, I don’t have much time again, we went to Juticalpa today to hang with the other district and it’s about an hour away and on the way back they had a problem with bus. To make a long story short I don’t have much time. First I’ll tell you how I’m doing and if I can I’ll answer the questions. I’m doing good, my stomach has been a little crazy but it’s just getting use to the different bacteria I guess, oh well, it’s gotten a lot better lately. The Spanish is coming along way good, it’s still difficult for me to understand people but I can talk a lot better. The people say they have a hard time understanding me because of my accent, but I guess that will come with time. The bugsssss, Ha! Ha! Ha! Okay so you know those pictures you see of moths that are bigger then birds, ya they live here!!! and the spiders!!! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! The other night we were walking in the street and this giant black thing ran into the middle of the street!!! You know those tarantulas you buy in the pet stores, well those are your common house spider here!! Ha! Ha! Ha! I’ll send you pictures ( not this week no time). So the family we have been working with.....well they don’t want to be together anymore but we are still working with them. We found two huge families yesterday that we are going to be working with, one with 11 people and the other with 8, they were very interested!!! Dude, Kel your letter was awesome, I haven’t had a laugh like that forever!!!! I have to go I love you guys very much. I promise the letter next week will be much better.
Love, Elder Paulson

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